How To Use The Google+1 Button To Make Money

The +1 button was released on Google really early, even before Google+ was announced. This was due to the fact that several companies had been cheating the system to get top results for common search terms with Google search.

This prompted Google to make massive algorithm changes to their indexing service which also affected how search items were displayed. This changed the dynamics of how results were determined which also created a very useful increase in real results which were useful to the public rather than the cheated content.

The Google +1 button is now usable by those who have Google+ accounts and can make contributions to what is considered important. These results add into the total amount of +1 marks given by each user who enjoys the page enough to give it a +1. Each +1 increases the weight of the content and can actually affect the search engine results for the page.

How this can be used to make money is very simple. By taking advantage of the +1 button and giving web pages that you own a +1, it is shared with your circles on Google+. If you have a large following of users they will see that you shared the page and they may even +1 it also. This domino effect can really catch on and over time, several hundred and even thousands of +1 additions to the page may be made. This can easily create a perceived value of the website and increase the probability that it will appear in Google search through organic keyword usage.

This is partly due to how the +1 model affect’s Google’s newer algorithm as it uses the +1 figure to give authority to the pages that are being shared. Now to make money from this is possible through advertising. Advertising on websites using the AdSense service may provide a source of revenue when visitors come to the site and click on the advertisements to complete the advertising requirements to eam a compensation for your AdSense account.

If you are able to successfully create a website with unique content that is useful to the community, using Google+ to promote it with a +1 share may be the right track to give a website not only traffic from your Google+ followers and circles but it can influence how the website fares on Google as well.

Working at this simple model over time can help to increase the authoritative stance that your website has and can really rake in advertising revenue. On the other hand if your website itself is an ecommerce site where you are selling items or services, you can increase the sales of your products online by having a high amount of traffic which is being supplemented by Google+. One way to speed this up is to indeed have plenty of people in your circles and let them know about your websites (if appropriate) then ask them to +1 it as well.

You’ll be surprised to know that many people will +1 items that are interesting and will increase the popularity of the website quickly as well. Try asking the people in your circles to ask their friends to +1 the page as well. It will not be long until large +1 rings will develop on the Google+ platform where people work together to increase the number of +1 marks that a given website may have. It may be beneficial to join such a ring as well if given the opportunity.

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