The Google+ functionality and Its Relation To Search Ranking

Google continually develops and delivers more ways to make its search engine function more socially and the +1 function may be the most effective way for recommending content yet.

The concept of the +1 button is simple. It may be compared to other social networking platforms’ methods of recommending websites but +1 goes over and beyond their capabilities. Google’s +1 function can affect a website’s search ranking based on recommendations from users. With the right strategy and a wide social network, a website can generate site traffic just by simply adding a +1 button on a webpage or specific content.

The +1 functionality is now being included in Google’s algorithm to determine a website’s search ranking although in a limited capacity. In time, +1 stats will be more extensively included in the signals that Google uses in ranking a webpage’s relevance and ranking. lt’s interesting to note that +1 was rolled out just a few weeks after the Farmers/Panda algorithm update.

The +1 feature can also increase a website’s visibility through the internet’s version of the “word of mouth” concept. By clicking on the +1 button, the website is instantly recommended to connections via streaming on their Google profiles or in the +1 tab on Google+.

Google is also looking for ways to improve the +1 functionality and direct relation to Google search rankings. Being a relatively new feature, +1 is still being observed and studied by not only the developers but by website owners as well. The feedback has been positive as far as traffic generation goes.

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