Google +1 As A Social and Website Recommendation Tool

It is encouraging to note that more and more websites are now opting to apply the +1 button more than Twitter’s Tweet. This shows that there is a growing positive response and inclination towards +1 as a social, website recommendation tool.

The growing popularity of Google social platforms can directly help with a website’s potential traffic and social buzz generation and it begins with the +1 feature.

In order to remain competitive in an already saturated internet environment, you must adapt the change and shifting trends accordingly. The Google +1 is but one of many functionalities and platforms that will be released in the coming months that may directly affect your website traffic, social buzz and over-all well-being of your website.

Google however, is making these shifts slowly and relatively easy to understand, making adaptation painless and convenient. It may take some time researching about the inner-workings of their functionalities but once you start understanding the rationale behind them, you’ll be able to adapt and stay ahead of the curve, improving your website’s performance and metrics in the process.

Expect many more benefits to come with the +1 feature as Google develops more ways to streamline content between social connections and through Google search.

Websites and users alike will experience a new internet experience with Google +1. It may seem too simple to have any lasting impact on your website but as time goes by, best believe that you can take advantage of its simplicity to increase your website’s internet presence and visibility.

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