Introduction to Google+

Social networking with Google is possible through the Google+ (Plus) platform. It is a very useful tool which can make it possible to connect with friends, family,
acquaintances and even new business partners. Google+ is a widespread platform, able to reach several hundred millions of people (who own Google accounts).

The only way to really make use of Google+ is to create the account and jump in. There are a few simple requirements before you can create a Google+ account.

For example, you need to have a Google account. To create a Google account if you do not already have one you will need to visit https://www.googlecom/accounts/NewAccount and fill out the form. The basic information that is needed is:

1. A current email address
2. Password
3. Password veri?cation
4. Location
5. Birthday
6. Acceptance of the Terms of service and Privacy Policy.

Once this has been completed, an active Google Account will be available to create the Google+ account. Joining Google+ and then understanding the features can be a little tricky. First off, it is important to create a profile and that is done at the start.

Once an invitation has been sent to your Email address attached to a Google Account, you will be able to create the Google+ profile.

To really take advantage of Google+, you need to use your real name and gender when joining the platform. It is vital that you use your real name, without formal titles as Google is serious about reducing the instance of SPAM and misleading accounts. Your plain name is required to better help people find, follow and add you to their circles. Google will weed out fictional or unusual names and even limit access to other Google Account functions if they detect such a name. Google will then require identification verification (in the form of scamied documentation) as proof of your name.

Once you have created an account, theHometab is the first location where you will be navigated to. This is where you will see updates from users in your circles in yourStreamcomparable to Facebook’sNews Feed”.

This tab allows you to view photos which are shared between the people in your circles and with you. Taking advantage of this will require you to begin networking with circles. Of course, you can also upload photos with the redUpload New Photosbutton which will allow you to create an album.

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