How To Increase Website Traffic and Social Buzz Using Google+1

There are two ways to improve your website traffic with Google’s +1. The first is through an improved search ranking. Basically, the more +1’s your website or webpages receive, the higher it will be placed on Google search results when a user makes a relevant search.

Improved search rankings are especially evident between social connections. If one or some of your individual connections have +1’d a page and you search for relevant topics, that +1’d page will appear higher on your search results. The annotations or numbers of +1’s a website receives is shown in the search results page. Depending on a user’s security settings, the names of the people who +1’d the website will also be shown.

This increases the visibility of a site and is made more compelling by the number of people who recommend it, improving the chances of your website being visited by users. Imagine looking for reviews for a movie that you’re interested in seeing. You are most likely to value the opinion of a friend or contact that has similar tastes than a movie critic whom you’ve never met. Google’s +1 operates under that rationale.

The second way to increase site traffic is through Google social connections. The websites that users +1’s are streamed in real time on their Google profiles, increasing your visibility and social buzz through direct personal connections. Again, promoting your website with like-minded people can be accomplished through Google’s +1 feature.

Similar to the “word of mouth” concept of advertising, the +1 feature can help a website have more unique and returning visitors through a recommendation campaign that they can start with their own social circles. Simply urge your own social connections to click the +1 button on your website or webpage so that your content will be made available on their streams.

You can also have your contacts search for your website on Google and have them +1 your result from there. They may in turn ask their social connections to do the same and so on and so forth.

Having a big number of social connections would further help your website’s visibility. Remember that everything you +1 on the internet will be streamed on your Google profile and will also appear on your connections’ relevant search results. The same happens to your social circles when they do the same. People who +1 your website, webpages or specific articles will be showing the link on their own stream.

Be sure that you write and use a unique, witty and concise snippet for your website. This provides a short preview of what visitors can expect on your website. This could entice them to actually visit your site based on their social connections’ recommendations. It also acts like an advertisement for your website so make it catchy and appealing.

When adding a +1 button on a webpage or content, ensure that it is clearly visible for visitors. Place it strategically depending on what kind of content you’re promoting. You may put it at the top, bottom or fold on the page. The discretion is yours.

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