How To Get Started With Google +1

Before you could +1 content you will need to have a Google account if you don’t have one yet. You may also choose to upgrade an existing Google account. You’ll need to be logged on to your account in order to see your social connection’s +1’d content.

To include the +1 button to your website, simply grab the code publicly released by Google found in From there you will be able to customize the button to complement your site’s design. After choosing your preferred settings, just copy the codes shown on the page and paste it on your website’s coding.

Currently, the customizations are only limited to box sizes and language. You may however, edit and create your own website snippet that will appear on users’ Google profiles once they +1 your site.

You can include your page type — whether it’s an article, a blog entry or an event among other choices — your page title and a short description of what the content is all about. You may place the +1 button anywhere on your website, again depending on your web design and personal preferences.

Remember that the +1 button will stream and link that particular webpage or article so be sure to place it on “crawlable” pages (pages that are easily accessible without dead-ends and redirects) that has an applicable page title and content snippets that Google can stream on your profile or on search results.

Again, you may have more than one +1 buttons on a webpage, subject to editing on the button code that you’ll be lifting from the URL indicated above. The edits are simple and quick to do. There are also instructions on how to properly edit the code on Goog|e’s help pages that are publically accessible.

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