Promoting Affiliate Products With Google+

Just like with any other location online, Google+ can be used to provide information about affiliate products and where your followers can get them.

Affiliate products are specialty products (usually information based in nature) such as eBooks, audio books, courses, email classes and other products which are designed to be offered within a diverse range of demographics.

The best thing about these affiliate products is the fact that they cover nearly every niche and they are already made for you, all you have to do is sell them to make a profit and sharing on Google+ is an easy way to get others to start buying these products and making you some money.

These systems work by providing the products which you are going to be selling online. You sign up for an account at the affiliate networking service Where you will get an affiliate ID used to market the links you are going to be sharing. Some popular affiliate services are:

1. ClickBank. comOne of the most Well known affiliate product providers online.
2. CJ.comHigh performance affiliate marketing with strategies.
3. LinkShare.comFull online marketing service designed with affiliate in mind.
4. ClixGalore.comaffiliates and publishers can sell the affiliate products from serious merchants.
5. ClickBooth.comThey are a CPA (cost per action) affiliate network which is easy to use.
6. AvantLink.comA provider of quality merchants for affiliates to sell products from.
7. ShareASale.comA marketplace for affiliate products with Well over 2500 merchants.
8. PayDotCom.comaffiliate marketing Which can offer 5-80% commission on products.

Since Google+ is getting large increases in invites you are bound to find people with similar interests. If you have products to sell or services to provide, look for people who can benefit from these products or services and let them know about what you can offer.

Connect with investors which may want to put money into a project that you are starting and need capital for. Choose options which are close by or even oceans apart to find those valuable investors. Get into contact with them using Google+ services such as the Hangout or chat to introduce yourself or simply get down to business.

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