How Google+ Works

Google products have a tendency to integrate into one another. The interesting thing about Google+ is the fact that it loads into the Google account toolbar above all of your Google products.

This seamlessly integrates it so that you are immersed in the social aspect of the service. Visiting your email With the Gmail product, checking your finances and more will keep you within the Google+ service because it is in your Google account toolbar now.

Every time you remain logged into Google, your Google+ Will be visible, alongside any updates which are made to streams of people who include you in their circles.

Anything that happens with your stream posts will be displayed as well via the notification square in the top right corner of the toolbar located next to your Google Account name. By default it is set as0″ and increases +1 every time an event occurs.

The URLs which can be used to access Google+ are simple to remember. Each option is the same as the others and will open the same page:

Also takes you directly to your own profile on Google+ You can create new circles or remove circles from the list and customize exactly how Google+ displays information on your stream.

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