How Does Google+1 Benefit A Website?

In order to reap the full benefits of this feature, one must be logged on to their Google account and have a wide network of social contacts. This is equally important for websites in order to effectively promote their content and to improve visibility on the internet.

The +1 feature can greatly and vastly improve a website’s Google search ranking. An experiment conducted by SEO Effecta Dutch company specializing in developing tools to increase website trafficnoted that there was a 20% increase in search rankings when they placed a +1 button on all three of their websites which in turn also increased their site traffic.

As of the moment, Google has not explicitly announced that the +1 feature directly affects search results if the search is done outside of a user’s Google profile. They have indicated however that +1 ratings can influence a search result since it improves topic and content relevance. Increased Google search rankings through +1 will improve your Clickthrough rate (CTR). Bear in mind that people would most likely visit a website if it is more accessible and visible when a related topic or content is searched and since you can +1 search results on Google, that will also play a big role on how Google will determine how high up the list your website should be.

The quality of your site traffic can also be improved and refined. People with similar interests or purposes can be introduced to your website by their Google social contacts once they +1 your content.

You can also be sure that the visitors of your site didn’t just enter by accident. The visitors of your site will be staying for an extended duration of time, allowing more of your content to be explored.

Google’s +1 can also be applied to AdWords. Generating traffic and having better search result rankings for advertisements can be attained through +1. This enhancement will help users determine whether your ads and search results are relevant to what they’re looking for. This will help your website gain more revenue by improving the ads present on your site, making it more relevant to your content based on the +1 feedback.

The pages, articles, images or content will be more conveniently reached through +1 whenever possible. The +1 was designed to bring a user to the landing page directly without having to navigate from the homepage to reach the desired page. This convenience will enable you to promote your pages or content individually depending on the topic.

Google is slowly increasing its reliance on social signals for its search results and rankings with the +1 feature. If you have a vast social network on Google, this can be used to your advantage. The dependence of websites to overall popularity in order to have a higher search ranking will be slowly edited to accommodate social recommendations making searching for websites and content more personalized.

For website owners, this could shift the focus of the marketing and promotions that they do for their sites. Instead of simply “putting the name out,” you could aim to make your site more social or communal to make it more conducive to sharing content and making recommendations.

This feature may also affect the content that websites have. Instead of posting articles and other content was designed and produced to be more appealing to search engines, website owners will now have to appeal to users directly and have them +1 it to improve the site’s search rankings.

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