How To Increase Your Network of Website Visitors Using Google+1

Add everyone that you know in the real world and create the necessary circles to keep them in the loop. You never know when something important such as information about a local event needs to get out to all of your buddies at home.

World events can be broadcasted faster through addition of all of your circles. Keep them all available with a fewContinue reading

The Google+ functionality and Its Relation To Search Ranking

Google continually develops and delivers more ways to make its search engine function more socially and the +1 function may be the most effective way for recommending content yet.

The concept of the +1 button is simple. It may be compared to other social networking platforms’ methods of recommending websites but +1 goes over and beyond their capabilities. Google’s +1 function can affect aContinue reading

Google +1 As A Social and Website Recommendation Tool

It is encouraging to note that more and more websites are now opting to apply the +1 button more than Twitter’s Tweet. This shows that there is a growing positive response and inclination towards +1 as a social, website recommendation tool.

The growing popularity of Google social platforms can directly help with a website’s potential traffic and social buzz generation and it begins withContinue reading

Introduction to Google+

Social networking with Google is possible through the Google+ (Plus) platform. It is a very useful tool which can make it possible to connect with friends, family,
acquaintances and even new business partners. Google+ is a widespread platform, able to reach several hundred millions of people (who own Google accounts).

The only way to really make use of Google+ is to create the accountContinue reading

How Google+ Works

Google products have a tendency to integrate into one another. The interesting thing about Google+ is the fact that it loads into the Google account toolbar above all of your Google products.

This seamlessly integrates it so that you are immersed in the social aspect of the service. Visiting your email With the Gmail product, checking your finances and more will keep youContinue reading

How To Use The Google+1 Button To Make Money

The +1 button was released on Google really early, even before Google+ was announced. This was due to the fact that several companies had been cheating the system to get top results for common search terms with Google search.

This prompted Google to make massive algorithm changes to their indexing service which also affected how search items were displayed. This changed the dynamics ofContinue reading

Promoting Affiliate Products With Google+

Just like with any other location online, Google+ can be used to provide information about affiliate products and where your followers can get them.

Affiliate products are specialty products (usually information based in nature) such as eBooks, audio books, courses, email classes and other products which are designed to be offered within a diverse range of demographics.

The best thing about these affiliateContinue reading