Introduction to Google +1 and How Does It Work?

The +1 feature is an innovation by Google that focuses on sharing website content and recommendations to social connections through Gmail or Gtalk chat lists, Google Contacts, Google+ and other Google platforms that has a social networking capability.

It streamlines content and search results to give you the most relevant websites based on recommendations or +1 from your contacts. It can be compared toContinue reading

How Does Google+1 Benefit A Website?

In order to reap the full benefits of this feature, one must be logged on to their Google account and have a wide network of social contacts. This is equally important for websites in order to effectively promote their content and to improve visibility on the internet.

The +1 feature can greatly and vastly improve a website’s Google search ranking. An experiment conductedContinue reading

How To Increase Website Traffic and Social Buzz Using Google+1

There are two ways to improve your website traffic with Google’s +1. The first is through an improved search ranking. Basically, the more +1’s your website or webpages receive, the higher it will be placed on Google search results when a user makes a relevant search.

Improved search rankings are especially evident between social connections. If one or some of your individual connections haveContinue reading