How To Get Started With Google +1

Before you could +1 content you will need to have a Google account if you don’t have one yet. You may also choose to upgrade an existing Google account. You’ll need to be logged on to your account in order to see your social connection’s +1’d content.

To include the +1 button to your website, simply grab the code publicly released by Google foundContinue reading

The Google+ functionality and Its Relation To Search Ranking

Google continually develops and delivers more ways to make its search engine function more socially and the +1 function may be the most effective way for recommending content yet.

The concept of the +1 button is simple. It may be compared to other social networking platforms’ methods of recommending websites but +1 goes over and beyond their capabilities. Google’s +1 function can affect aContinue reading

How To Increase Website Traffic and Social Buzz Using Google+1

There are two ways to improve your website traffic with Google’s +1. The first is through an improved search ranking. Basically, the more +1’s your website or webpages receive, the higher it will be placed on Google search results when a user makes a relevant search.

Improved search rankings are especially evident between social connections. If one or some of your individual connections haveContinue reading